8 Employment Ideas for Seniors

Former Employer

If you loved your job before retirement, it is best to contact your former employer and request them to hire you as a part-time employee or a consultant. Since employers hate losing skilled and experienced employees, there’s a strong possibility that they will re-hire you. This will enable you to renew contact with all your old colleagues and coworkers.


Many seniors start their own small-scale retain business. If you have an attic full of books, have collected antiques over the years or any other saleable item that is cramping up space, you can set up a small retail store and consider selling these items. With the advent of e-commerce, you need not open a store either. Simply put up the items on eBay or Craigslist and watch your business grow. Social media marketing is also an important and budget tool.


Retired seniors with specialized experience and/or advanced degrees often become consultants. This allows them to share valuable knowledge and experience with others and work at their own convenience. There are many companies that actively seek retired finance professionals, lawyers and computer programmers to act as consultants for short-term projects.


Temporary jobs provide an opportunity for you to work at your own leisure. These may include general office jobs, such as customer services, order processing and bookkeeping. Typical assignment duration can range from one day to a few weeks. Look for the local job postings in your area that seek temporary employees and apply at your earliest.


Some small businesses seek professionals who can work from home. These include accountancy outsourcing firms, bookkeepers and content writers (freelancers). If you have experience in any of these fields, you can work from home for any of these businesses. All you’ll need is a laptop and a high speed internet.


If you’re looking for a low-stress job that carries a light responsibility and allows you to stay active, then a part-time job is just what you need. Several retail positions, sales-oriented jobs, children services and teaching assistant jobs need part-time employees, irrespective of their age and gender.


Many senior retirees are looking for jobs that allow them to give something back to their community. These jobs tend to pay very little and are often seeking unpaid volunteers. There are several animal shelters, religious organizations and Peace Corps that accept older individuals, in a good health, to work for them. Peace Corps also allows a legally married senior couple to work and serve together.


This is a viable option if you’ve had a career in sports or served as a corporate trainer. After retirement, you can serve as a coach for your local team or conduct seminars and workshops on motivation and leadership.

Commercial Construction Costs – The Importance Of Planning

When designing, planning as well as constructing a commercial property the costs involved are of paramount importance. Unfortunately this is even more true today than it was 10 years ago for the simple fact prices of materials etc., are continually increasing. However a great way of ensuring that the costs are kept to a minimum during any project is through using a commercial construction costs management service.

This is an establishment which is able to realistically look at the capital costs for any commercial construction project. They not only look closely at the planning costs but also cost control services. Plus this service will also ensure that the bids provided on the construction project are documented as well as being completed within the pre-arranged framework of costs and time. They will also look at finding the most economical ways of ensuring that the project does not run over budget.

Each construction project should employ an independent and professional cost manager or quantity surveyor who can police as well as have a clear overview of everything that is going on in order to protect the financial interests of the person who is having the construction project done. Generally these people will use their engineering judgment and experience which they then apply to scientific principles and techniques to allow them to analyze and develop the best action that should be taken in order to provide a good estimation of the costs involved as well as being able to control the commercial construction costs once the project starts on site.

By using a good set of cost management principles the cost manager or quantity surveyor will ensure that the construction project stays within the budget limits and still meets performance and quality targets.

Air Travel: Are the Labor Pains Worth It?

Hello all you wonderful people out there. Have any of you read my previous article on how wonderful it is to fly from point A to point B? Did you think, “Is this woman out of her mind? Does anybody really enjoy going to the airport three hours before flight departure? Does anybody really think flying for eight or more hours is fun?”.

Upon rereading my article I, too, actually began to wonder about my sanity. Then it came to me: flying is kind of like giving birth to a baby. We suffer excruciating pain; we scream; we hate what’s happening; we say, “Never again”. Then that new born baby in our arms wipes away all memory of what preceded its birth. Call it nature’s way of looking after us. A year later, there we are again, going through the same thing.

I admit it. I, too, hate getting up in the middle of the night to get to the airport. So what makes it all so endurable? I guess the answer to that is – for one thing – the service before, during, and after the flight. By the time the airplane lands my mind is on my immediate destination. All the inconveniences are behind me. I thank the crew from the bottom of my heart for making the uncomfortable comfortable, the unbearable bearable.

Finally, just knowing that someone is waiting for me gives me a warm feeling. Family members and friends who have taken the time to be there for me are the same as that little baby in my arms. They make it all worthwhile. The discomforts of the trip seem to evaporate into thin air. Make love, not war!!!